Weight and Balance

Ok we will start with a photo.  Isn't a photo like 1000 words?  As you can see the plane is basically all together with the pants and gear leg fairings (GLF) all taped on.  Plane is in level configuration.  Scales are supplied from the RAA (Recreational Aviation Association of Canada) at a very small cost (currently -2006- price of $30.00 for a whole week).  Compare that to renting from a scale company for $200.00 per day!  I have a little story about the scales.  I was the first one to rent them from the Edmonton Chapter and it was not with out challenges (definitely not problems).  Ralph Knight is the contact man in Edmonton and I was scheduled to attend an EAA meeting with him on Wednesday night.  Before you can rent the scales you have to have a confirmation number from Ontario RAA head office.  Well due to confusion on their and my part I couldn't get the number by Wednesday night and Ralph was threatened with his lift if he released the scales with out this number.  He wasn't even allowed to take a cheque from me to cover the deposit.  So into Edmonton (about a 130 km round trip) on Wednesday night for the meeting, back in Thursday morning to get the scales.  Gary Wolf (President of the RAA) heard about all my problems and ended up giving me the scales for free for the week.  I can't say enough about this man and the RAA, they really are moving recreational aviation forward in Canada, not like some of the other organizations (as mentioned in other pages within my web site).

This document is one of the ones required for the final inspection:

This one is some of the calculations required:

This one is a spread sheet I made up to do the W&Bs for the F1.

If you have opened the documents you realize I have a fat F1.  1280 pounds!  Yes I was a little surprised, but not overly.  Big battery, two alternators (and the controls) lots of instruments, comfy seats, autopilot, remote compass, etc.  Oh well it was made for nice cross country with the ability to loop and roll, it's not an all out aerobatic plane!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!