Poly-Fiber Process Example Using Playboy Wing

OK, I forgot to grab the camera for a couple of steps:  To prepare the wing, I installed the wing lacing, made sure there were no problems and put cloth (hockey) tape on all sharp or bumpy edges.  I then added the bottom and top fabric (in that order as the plane is a low wing) and shrunk the fabric.

Here you can see the wing has been heat shrunk and you can also see the glue under the fabric.  As well you can just see the fabric tape and the projections haven't been cut out yet.

Two coats of poly brush have been brushed on and you can see the blue chalk lines for the rib-stitching layout.  Rib stitching - one day.

Tapes are done.  So far this took the longest.  I think this took me around three days from start to finish.  You can also see the inspection hole layout.  Heat smoothing took me another couple of days.

Poly brush is now sprayed on.  Two coats.  Easy and quick, only thing is waiting time between coats.

Poly Spray is now completed.  This is the UV protection step.  Three coats, I lightly (very lightly) sanded just to remove things that fell onto the wing before the final coat.

Colour coat is now complete.  I forgot to take photos of the taping job for stripes.  This took one day per wing side.

Here is the wing on the plane showing the striping.

Total time for one wing:  16 days from start of covering to being on the plane.

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