Jeff's Story

OK I will try not to go into too much detail, I will start with the important things first...

I have four children.  David, Nicole, Eric and Alex.

We live in Wetaskiwin (just south of Edmonton, or 200 km north of Calgary) Alberta, Canada.  Click here for the Google Earth Place Mark (if you don't have Google Earth, just click here).  We have built a house on the airport, so you can already guess what is most important to me after my family (for more photos click here).

I'm a commercial pilot with approx 1000 hours, mostly in Cessnas, Pipers and rapidly catching up in the Playboy, with a few in a biplane and of course the F1 Rocket.  Lately I've been gathering hours in different aircraft; Nanchang CJ6 and Piper Lance.  I owned a Murphy Renegade biplane (it has been sold to a gentleman in Bow Island Alberta), which is registered as a basic ultralight in Canada.  Currently I'm working in my multi-engine rating, and hopefully (if insurance allows) will be completed that in the next months (yeh sounds like a long time, but I'm having troubles getting insurance, and I don't have as much time for this as I should).  I recently received my instructor rating.

I work in Fort MacMurray in the oil sector.  Working a 30 day on 26 day off rotation.  30 days away from home at a time, but when I'm at home, I don't have to worry about work.

I re-built a Stits Playboy, you can find the story on this link.

I've built a F1 Rocket.  You can find the construction process on this link.

Currently David and I are building a WagABond.  You can find the progress on this link.

I also enjoy flying RC planes and helicopters.  Although I don't have any time while in Canada, I'm able to do this during my lunch break while I'm at work.  Click here for photos of RC Flying in Libya.  Or here for some Canada hobby photos.

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