Kevin Hopkins' New F1

Ken Fowler flying (Kevin's new F1) off my wing tip on the way from Rocky Mountain House to Sundre Alberta for their flyin breakfast.  May 14, 2006

Eric Hansen's F1

Eric Hansen's Rocket in the various paint schemes it has had over the last few years. Top left was the first, bottom right the latest.

Eric's on the left, and Ken Fowler's on the right.

My Playboy with the rockets.  Ken's is just out of view on the right.

Another Alberta Rocket (there is 7 flying that I know of).  This one is Charley Monies Rocket just after the paint job.  This photo was taken before he even saw the finished job.  Same with Eric's Rocket.  Nice living close to an aircraft painter.

Another Canadian Rocket.  Owned by Mark Esterhuizen, built by Norman Younie.

Mark at Oshkosh in 2003.

Tom Martin's Rockets


Black Jack and ?

N61R is a Team Rocket F1 and belongs to Jack L. Gray of Seabrook, Texas.

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