Other Aircraft

Start this page out with a bang (or is that a boom?)


We no longer operate the King Air 350.  We now operate this DO328.  A very rare photo of the plane in the rain!

An interesting Luftwaffe plane that came to the desert to deliver the German Chancellor

This is an IL-76 that came to the desert a few years ago.  If you want to read the whole story about why it came, please click here

This is a scale P51 Mustang owned by Keith Lewis.  It is powered by a Ranger engine.   The aircraft had not flown for 20 years.  Keith purchased it and reworked much of the plane. 


This is a photo from the 2004 Rocky Mountain House Airshow.  Eric Hansen flew his S1S in that show.  The Pitts on the left was owned by Jim Hrymack but now Eric has it as well.  You can just catch Ken's Rocket on the right.

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