Instrumentation and Avionics

Close up of the ACS 2002 data processing module.  They give you a rather long cable so this unit can be mounted a fair way from the display.  Of course it can't be in the engine compartment (none of the electronics should be) but just inside the firewall (as I have) is OK.  Of course you have all the wires (6 EGT, 6 CHT, OAT, MP, FP, OP, OT, RPM) penetrating the firewall, so you have to account for that.

Here are the fuel and oil pressure transducers.  Yes the fuel line has been fireproofed since this photo.

Yes it's quite a mess!  It is work in progress and did improve as you will see later.  The ACS screen is located on the right side of the instrument panel and the data module can just be seen at the top of the photo.

I tried using one of those instrument planning programs but those guys don't quite have them perfected.  I found it far better to print the faceplates out in full scale and lay right on the metal to get a good feeling.

This is the final cut out.  Even with all my careful layout, I still made two.  First on the compass adjusting screws came in contact with the ACS screen (behind the panel).

Here is the starting of my wiring behind the panel.  In this case I was glad I waited on the windshield, as it did cut down on access.  Yes I love the way it looks, from both the inside and the outside, but lots more work and more of a pain to work on the instruments.

This photo was taken on Feb 2, 2006.  Not quite done, but flyable.  The Dynon in the middle is ready to go.  I currently can't use the AOA though!  Dynon can't supply the heated pitot/AOA probe.  I've been waiting 2 years for it.  If you are planning on using AOA/pitot with heat from Dynon, think again.

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