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Aircraft Construction Books and Videos
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Barr 6
Basic Ultralight Glider
BedeCorp - Home Page
CADCOR (Home of The Chanute aerobatic aircraft)
CAPTAIN KAOS Home Page (F1 Rocket)
Cassutt Sport-Racer
Dan Checkoway's RV-7 Project
Epic 6-place Turbine Cabin-class and 6-place Business Jet (Home of Hipec and a wide range of aircraft)
F1 Rocket Page - Rocketboy
F1 Rocket (The Homepage of the plane that started all this for me)
F1 Rocket Page (Ron Graham's F1 page)
F1 Rocket-List Matronics
Fisher Flying Products
FK9 - Mk IV (Two place light aircraft)
Fowlers Rocket (Ken Fowlers aerobatics web site)
HPAI - High Performance Experimental Aircraft
Harmon Rocket II and F-1 Rocket (Vince Frazier's excellent web site)
Harmon Rocket II (The HR Homepage)
Home of Loehle Aircraft
Homebuilt Homepage (Many homebuilt aircraft)
Jabiru Canada 
Jim Kimball Enterprises, Inc. (Home of the amazing Pitts Model 12!)
Jim Weir's Kitplanes Addendum (Electrical information)
Ken Beanland's Christavia MK1 project - Products that make the Subtle Difference!
Loehle Aircraft
MD-RA Inspection Service
Murphy Aircraft Online
Mustang Home (Home of the Mustang I and II aircraft)
NemesisNXT Nemesis Air Racing Team
NewGlasair - NewGlaStar
Pflanzer's Pflying Pfactory (Another excellent F1 site)
RANS Homepage Information on Recumbent Bikes and Kit Aircraft
Radial Rocket
Rick's Mustang II
Sherpa Aircraft Company - a short takeoff and landing airplane
Stallion - A 6 place 210 like aircraft
Steen Aero Lab - Pitts Model 14 Homepage
Strumi's Project Mustang II N312WS
Supermarine Aircraft - Spitfire
The Acro Sport Resource
The Complete Matronics List Archives
Van's Air Force Western Canada Wing
Van's Aircraft, Inc. - RV Aircraft Series
Van's Airforce - Ontario Wing
Wag-Aero Group
Zenith Aircraft Company Kit Airplanes