Engine and Cowling work

Here I'm drilling all the engine mount holes out to proper size.  You will note the two middle holes didn't come right up the the firewall so I had to build a couple of shims.

Here the gear legs are being drilled.  As with almost everything; I measured, measured, went for coffee, measured, went home to bed, came back in the morning, measured and finally drilled.  Won't even know until first flight whether I got it right or not.

The first hanging of the engine!  It didn't stay on all that long as it was just a test to see how everything looked.  Also to take measurements to ensure there would be no interference with the firewall on critical elements.  I wanted to see where it made the most sense to run wires/cables/hoses as well.

Here's one of the major problems with the big engine/small plane.  You have to pull the engine as close to the firewall as possible to keep the c/g in the right range but things get tight.  So I followed a couple of guys recommendations and spun the vent around, then I read stories of guys loosing fuel pressure at higher altitudes.  So it is back in the original position.  I will keep a close eye on it, and maybe I will have to massage the firewall to fit?

Now the engine mount/landing gear are on the plane for good.  All holes are drilled in the firewall (or so I thought) and heater duct is complete.  Note the box in the middle top.  That was my original mounting location for the electronic ignition box (behind a heat shield) until I talked to the factory.  I don't know why he even says this is possible in the manual because after 10 minutes of talking to him on the phone I placed the box inside (which meant more holes and a re-thinking of the instrument area behind the panel).  He had all sorts of stories about guys who didn't think they had room in the cockpit and after problems (rain and heat) they moved it in.  Moving it now is a far easier than later!

I mounted the airflow fuel injection system on my engine.  Next time I will order the correct arm from the start!  Another $50.00 down the drain!  Anyone want to buy an arm?  The new arm fits very nicely.

You can't quite see the new arm in this photo, but you can see where I had to modify the plate to move the control cable outboard.  This is a photo from under the engine looking up.  The plate is to hold the mixture and throttle control cables.  Some people are building smaller plates that sit between the elbow and the engine.  That's the neat thing about homebuilts; everyone does what they think is best.  I didn't know any better so this is how it worked out.

This is the air scoop.  It has to be cut to shape, then the air filter has to be fitted in and the whole air box has to fit to the air intake for the engine.  This little scoop took far longer than I imagined and gained far more weight than I thought it should.

At this point I'm just getting the rough sizing for the cowling.

Fitting the cowl on the plane.  Getting all my cuts correct.  After this I sanded, primed, sanded, primed, sanded, primed, sanded, primed, sanded, and final painted (for now).

The final product.  The white is only on for the test flights.  I still haven't decided on my final colours.  I like the bare aluminum, but I've tried that once before and I don't like all the work.

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